Leighton Smith

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Leighton started in March 2021 and brings 5 years of experience in sustainability consulting within the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry, primarily focusing on the UK and London. He has experience leveraging building energy simulation and life cycle assessment tools to help clients, architects & engineers design environmentally conscious, low carbon development.

What are your main responsibilities?

My role is to provide sustainability design advice at the building level, using building physics and life cycle assessment tools to help shape building design and link this with the broader portfolio Sustainability and Net Zero Carbon Strategy. Additionally, with the recent increased focus on ESG performance and an evolving regulatory framework for Net Zero Carbon, I seek to translate high-level frameworks into transparent and actionable interventions at the asset level, facilitating true Sustainable Development.

What’s the best part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is experiencing the genuine enthusiasm of a design team in creating environmentally conscious buildings, as it often involves collaboration, open-mindedness and a desire for learning & development. I also really enjoy collaborating and contributing to the many industry-led initiatives that are focused on improving the built environment.

What book are you currently reading?

A History of Western Philosophy – Bertrand Russel, and I think I am going to be reading it for a while as it is pretty chunky! I love the fact that its encyclopaedic in its review of philosophy and am enjoying learning the branching schools of thought that still influence how societies are governed today.


BSc Environmental Science, MSc Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, PIEMA, Low Carbon Energy Assessment Assessor with CIBSE (in progress)


Environmental Design, Energy & Building Physics Simulation, Energy Strategy, Sustainability Strategy, Whole Life Carbon, Building Life Cycle Assessment, Net Zero Carbon