With homeworking increasing in prevalence, the traditional values of the workplace are being challenged. Landlords are tasked with demonstrating that workplaces offer a differentiated working environment, whilst also helping to protect occupiers from invisible threats.

EVORA’s In-House Air Quality Project

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As an industry, we are doing remarkably little air quality monitoring to facilitate health and productivity, yet good indoor air quality provides so many benefits to occupier health and wellbeing.

At EVORA we have launched our own pilot project using Awair sensors to collect real-time air quality data across 3 locations. Each sensor will track 5 key air quality factors that can impact health, productivity and comfort.

  • Temperature

    Temperature can influence occupant performance, health, and attendance. Use real-time temperature readings to strike a balance between energy usage and wellness targets.

  • Humidity

    Too much or too little moisture can affect occupant wellness and stress your HVAC system. Use real-time humidity data to improve the health and longevity of your space.

  • CO2

    Overexposure to carbon dioxide can impair focus, decision-making, and productivity.

  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

    Toxic chemicals can be found in everyday materials and can cause respiratory and skin irritation.

  • PM2.5

    Particulate matter can trigger health problems like asthma and allergies.

  • Light

    Light intensity can cause eye strain and migraines, hindering productivity and focus.

  • Noise

    Loud sounds can obstruct our ability to concentrate, especially in open office settings.

Healthier living begins with the right insight

By gathering the data from the sensors, we will be able to form a better understanding of how each environment is performing.

This key information will then be used to support the necessary changes to improve each working environment.

Plant a Sensor

Standing firmly behind the principle that you cannot improve what you cannot measure, EVORA proudly works in partnership with the World Green Building Council to support the Plant a Sensor Programme; a global air quality monitoring campaign aiming to raise awareness, enable vital research and improve the health & wellbeing of occupiers, residents and communities.

The Plant a Sensor campaign is a great starting point for beginning conversations with occupiers on health & wellbeing, whilst exemplifying your stance on social value. To reduce the detrimental impacts of air pollution on human health and the environment, both inside and outside of buildings, we need to be equipped with accurate and high-quality data sets through monitoring air quality.

Health & Wellbeing

Healthy Buildings

By definition, a healthy building must be responsive, and it is difficult to improve what you do not measure. Whilst generic guidance on workplace strategy and HVAC control is widely available, every building is unique and what works for one might increase health-risk for another. It is therefore increasingly important to leverage monitoring technology to establish a feedback loop and tailored control strategy to know when and how to respond to change.

Whether to attract and retain premium tenants or to reassure those returning tentatively back into their places of work, health and wellbeing certification schemes provide demonstrable evidence of a landlord’s commitments and a structured strategic framework for enhancing health and productivity.

A Holistic Approach

As the ESG agenda evolves in complexity, it is crucial that health and wellbeing is not considered in isolation, but is integrated with other commitments such as net-zero, as to maintain a building’s desirability and functionality in the face of challenging environmental goals.

EVORA’s uniquely broad expertise enables the seamless embedding of health and wellbeing with broader ESG strategy, processes, and reporting commitments for holistic optimisation. Our team of 11+ qualified health and wellbeing experts can support:

  • Asset or portfolio-level health & wellbeing strategy, aligned with commitments such as GRESB
  • Health & wellbeing certification for marketability and attracting premium tenants
  • Viral response strategy to offer tenants reassurance after COVID-19
  • Environmental quality monitoring and integration for holistic insight

World Green Building Council

Health & Wellbeing Framework

Health and wellbeing is essential to sustainable development. EVORA’s Health & Wellbeing service aims to help our clients create a built environment that delivers healthy and resilient buildings and people. We are delighted to have partnered with the World Green Building Council to sponsor their Health & Wellbeing Framework — a powerful educational resource for the building and construction sector.

WGBC logo

Six Principles for a Healthy, Sustainable Built Environment

  • Protect Health: Protect and Improve Health, exploring: Air Quality, Water Quality, Mental Health and Infectious Disease
  • Prioritise Comfort: Prioritise comfort for building occupiers, exploring: Thermal Comfort, Lighting, Acoustics, Visual, Erganomic and Inclusive Design.
  • Harmony with Nature: Design for harmony between the natural and built environments, exploring: Biophilic Design, Access to Nature, Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions.
  • Positive Behaviour: Facilitate positive behaviour and health, exploring: Active Design, Nutrition, Hydration, Social Connectivity.
  • Social Value: Create positive social value with buildings and communities, exploring: Human Rights, Construction Worker Health, Community Health and Social Value.
  • Take Climate Action: Take climate action, exploring: Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience, Water Efficiency, Resource Efficiency and Material Health.

Health & Wellbeing Team

Our clients trust us to provide top quality advice, founded upon a robust understanding of their business and its markets, with the vast majority of our appointments evolving into long-standing partnerships.

Edward Pugh

Managing Consultant

You’re in good hands

The EVORA team taking care of Health & Wellbeing is led by Managing Consultant, Edward Pugh. Edward has a proven track record of leveraging technology to provide innovative sustainability solutions. He has delivered first-to-market technology solutions to tackle the wellbeing agenda and successfully supported the delivery of sustainability strategies for multiple institutional investors.

Our team of 11+ qualified health and wellbeing experts includes a member of the WELL Faculty, RESET Fellow and Fitwel Ambassadors and can support:

  • Asset or portfolio-level health & wellbeing strategy, aligned with commitments such as GRESB
  • Health & wellbeing certification for marketability and attracting premium tenants
  • Viral response strategy to offer tenants reassurance after COVID-19
  • Environmental quality monitoring and integration for holistic insight

Introducing some of our Health & Wellbeing team

Philippa Gill


Meike Borchers

EVORA Global Staff Dru Morton

Dru Morton

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Lucy Curtis

Sustainability Consultant

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Our Trusted Sustainability Advisor

“The advice and support of EVORA has enabled us to take a proactive stance to sustainability, which will help ensure the resilience and future performance of our managed assets.”

Andrew Ladopouli

“In the last six years that we’ve been working with EVORA, they have become our trusted sustainability advisor. What I really like about EVORA is that they bring an alternative angle to asset management that drives value across the portfolio.”

Rob Hall
Managing DirectorEpic Property Asset Management Ltd. (EPAM)

“We chose SIERA because it is practical and intuitive to use and helps simplify the many complexities of sustainability analysis and reporting, especially GRESB.”

Charlotte Jacques
Head of SustainabilitySchroder Real Estate

“We are very proud to use EVORA as our exclusive sustainability consultants. Of all the similar practices out there, we’ve found EVORA to offer the most practical, forward-thinking approach to sustainability.”

Basil Demeroutis
Managing PartnerFORE Partnership

“EVORA has provided expert knowledge, advice, and support on a variety of topics. We look forward to continuing our long-term collaboration with EVORA.”

Karen Palmer
Head of HSE ComplianceLiverpool ONE (Grosvenor)

“Since 2011 EVORA has become our one stop shop for ISO certification support and the many other sustainability services that they can offer and deliver with a platinum service.”

William Ball
General ManagerBelgrave House (Grosvenor)

“The EVORA team’s GRESB support was invaluable; they have a very clear understanding of the survey. It is a real pleasure to work with the EVORA team.”

Daniel Chang
Managing Director, Pan-European Core FundHines UK Ltd

“I have received sound advice on a subject matter of which I had limited knowledge. The value of your services is greater than the cost of them which is a rare commodity, as you’re fully aware.”

Matt Hern
Former DirectorBNP Paribas Real Estate

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