EVORA will be hosting a series of online training webinars, offered at both introductory and advanced levels, to cover key real estate industry trends.

In Series V we will be rerunning previous webinar sessions, as well as adding new topics to reflect what is happening in the sustainability industry. A selection of webinars will be presented in both English and German.

Sustainability in Real Estate

  • An introductory course for anyone and everyone in the real estate industry.
  • We will explore the key themes, how they impact buildings, and explain how to approach sustainability as well as addressing the practical solutions for starting the journey.
Sustainability for Investment Professionals

Sustainability for Investment Professionals

  • This course is aimed at those involved in the investment process within real estate markets.
  • We will address key sustainability value drivers, where risks and opportunities exist and how to implement a strategy into an investment process.

The Marriage of E and S – Health, Wellbeing and Economies

  • Never before has the focus on buildings and their impact on humans been stronger.
  • This webinar will explore the impact of buildings on human health and wellbeing and the relevant certification schemes available
  • We will  discuss post-viral responses and how the market is beginning to address these natural, human concerns
The Marriage of E and S
EU Legislation and Taxonomy

EU Legislation and Taxonomy

  • The European Commission has explicitly stated its decarbonisation goals and produced a clear ‘taxonomy’ with which to report on climate impacts across all industries.
  • In this session, we will explore the current and imminent legislation governing sustainability and the EU Taxonomy, and how portfolios will need to adapt their methodologies and reporting structure to address these.

Climate Risk TCFD Reporting

  • TCFD is currently voluntary but with its adoption by the UN PRI and other industry bodies, we soon expect it to become necessary, and then mandatory.
  • This session will explain the key impacts of TCFD (Task Force on Climate Change Related Disclosure) and how real estate investors will need to address this in their strategy and processes.
Climate Risk TCFD Reporting
Net Zero and how to get there

Net Zero and how to get there

  • Many companies have declared their commitment to reaching Net Zero. But what does this really mean, and how can they get there?
  • This session is a deep dive into the language, metrics of Net Zero strategy and will provide practical guides as to how to begin your own journey.

If you are interested in attending any future webinars or would like tailored training sessions, please get in touch with training@evoraglobal.com

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