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We believe that positive change in the real estate sector is achievable through education and knowledge sharing. That’s why we developed our EVOLVE education programme to empower everyone with the tools they need to make a meaningful impact.

EVOLVE aims to break down the complex jargon of ESG into everyday language, providing a clear and structured learning pathway. Whether you’re new to the world of ESG or looking to deepen your understanding of specific topics like Net Zero or TCFD, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment to education has already reached over 2,000 people across 40 countries, and we’re constantly expanding our reach.

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Examples of previous EVOLVE Training Webinars - Series VIIII coming soon

Fun, Fun, Fundamentals in ESG

The drivers of ESG have never been so important in the marketplace, affecting share prices, corporate reputations and investment returns. The investment profession is facing a landscape of rapidly changing legislation, new assessment criteria and modelling challenges...

Let’s get Physical with Climate Risk

Understanding and addressing physical climate risk is now a critical component in the long-term resilience of commercial real estate investments.

In this webinar, Evora’s climate resilience experts will unravel the complex dynamics of physical climate risk and its implications for the real estate sector, providing commentary and solutions around:

  • What is Physical Risk?
  • What are the consequences of physical risk for the real estate industry?
  • What can fund and asset managers do?

Join us to explore the complex dynamics of physical climate risk and its implications for real estate.

Are we there yet? A Net Zero Carbon Journey from Start to Finish

There are countries, companies and buildings declaring their commitments and going Net Zero but what does this mean, and how might they be getting there?

This session will dig into the language, metrics and methods used in Net Zero strategies and will provide practical guidance on how to start that journey for yourselves.

Knowing Me, Knowing EU Taxonomy (ft. SFDR)

European sustainable finance legislation is quickly evolving and real estate funds need to learn how to align with the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the EU Taxonomy to meet investor demands.

This session will explore the requirements of this European regulation and framework and how real estate funds can comply and prepare for the future.

You & Me & The S in ESG Makes 3

What do we mean when we talk about “social” responsibility? What are the components of a comprehensive social strategy? What tools can you use to measure your social performance?

This webinar will explore those questions and will discuss in-depth the ‘S’ of ‘ESG’.

All sessions are 1 hour long

training webinars

In-House Training

Our experienced team works with the Client to create a series of workshops which address the specific business drivers, investment principles and ESG aspirations of each individual company.
In particular, this approach allows us to:

  • Embed the company’s ESG commitments at the heart of the organisation in practical, clear ways
  • Create long-term understanding of the value drivers behind ESG
  • Explain the impact on investment management processes and management structures as related to the Client’s specific strategy and fund criteria
  • Tailor the programmes to address the issues which are material to each individual business
  • Work holistically across all teams, ensuring a holistic change management programme
  • Create a business-wide programme which ensures a holistic, consistent learning pathway