As part of our mission to drive positive change within the real estate industry, we are highly aware that one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is for us to share our knowledge and passion.

Our EVOLVE education programme, designed to translate the vocabulary of ESG into everyday language, provides a segmented and accessible pathway, beginning from an introductory course on ESG Fundamentals, through to more complex sessions on issues such as Net Zero and TCFD.

To date we have educated over 1500 individuals through the EVOLVE programme across 40 different countries.

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ESG Fundamentals in Real Estate

  • The drivers of ESG have never been so important in the marketplace, affecting share prices, corporate reputations and investment returns.
  • This webinar will take attendees through the key drivers, impacts and associated acronyms (real estate does love them) to provide the first step in the EVORA EVOLVE webinar series.


  • Philippa Gill

ESG Impact on Investments

  • The investment profession is facing a landscape of rapidly changing legislation, new assessment criteria, modelling challenges and impact on returns.
  • This webinar will focus on how climate risk and resilience, combined with market factors, are impacting the different stages of the investment cycle and what the known unknowns are likely to be ahead.


  • Philippa Gill

Net Zero Carbon and How to Get There

  • The commercial real estate sector faces an unprecedented transition in the coming years, decarbonizing portfolios to mitigate risk and enhance long-term value while playing a crucial role in global climate action.
  • This session will provide a presentation and discussion of strategies for transitioning to a net zero carbon portfolio. Utilizing EVORA Global’s experience working with some of the most progressive real estate firms in the world, we will walk through each step in the investment process, outlining practical guidance to decarbonisation for investment managers at each stage of the property lifecycle.
  • The presentation will provide a strong understanding of the challenges presented at each investment phase and practical strategies that will allow them to secure internal stakeholder engagement to mitigate material risks and position themselves to benefit from the opportunities of decarbonized assets.


  • Yetsuh Frank
  • Marianne Fabius
  • Bhoomika Brahmbhatt

Bringing ESG into Commercial Real Estate Lending

  • This session is an introduction to ESG for the commercial real estate (CRE) debt sector.
  • The session will provide an overview of ESG foundations and build to inform participants about the emerging views of ESG risks and opportunities within the CRE debt market


  • Aoife Busher
  • Kris Kolenc

Putting the S in ESG into the Spotlight

  • What do we mean when we talk about “social” responsibility? What are the components of a comprehensive social strategy? What tools can you use to measure your social performance?
  • This webinar will explore those questions and will discuss in-depth the ‘S’ of ‘ESG’


  • Sarah Coughlan
  • Philippa Gill

Talking TCFD – Updates on Climate Resilience 

  • Increasingly extreme weather events, pressure from investors and regulators, and energy cost uncertainties, make real assets managers grapple with how to manage the climate risks facing their portfolios and how to develop and advance resilience strategies.
  • In this webinar, EVORA Global’s Climate Resilience Strategy and Disclosure team discusses climate risks for the real estate sector and the evolving TCFD landscape, interpreting it for commercial real estate and real assets investment management.
  • Please join us for an overview of the TCFD recommendations, as well as updates on the newest proposed guidance and legislation, tools, and our advice for how to use TCFD as a process to increase climate resilience within your organisation.


  • Yanna Badet
  • Phil Fieldhouse

Consumed by Data

  • We will be exploring the value of data and the challenges that come with it.
  • This webinar will take a look at automated data collection, performance tracking, and what actions can be taken going forward.


  • Nick Hogg
  • Dale Harrison

In-House Training

A tailored, in-house training programme creates long-lasting impact across the breadth of an organisation. Our experienced team works with the Client to create a series of workshops which address the specific business drivers, investment principles and ESG aspirations of each individual company.

In particular, this approach allows us to:

  • Embed the company’s ESG commitments at the heart of the organisation in practical, clear ways
  • Create long-term understanding of the value drivers behind ESG
  • Explain the impact on investment management processes and management structures as related to the Client’s specific strategy and fund criteria
  • Tailor the programmes to address the issues which are material to each individual business
  • Work holistically across all teams, ensuring a holistic change management programme
  • Create a business-wide programme which ensures a holistic, consistent learning pathway

If you are interested in attending any future webinars or would like tailored training sessions, please get in touch with training@evoraglobal.com

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