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Every client is at a different stage in their journey, with a unique set of ambitions. We recognise this by defining the right sustainability vision for your business, and ensuring your ESG strategy is wholly aligned with your strategic business objectives. We seek to integrate ESG strategy within existing systems, but where necessary will we work with you to embed new elements of an ESG framework into the investment process.

You can be sure your ESG strategy will be aligned to industry best practices, such as the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 (standards for Environment and Energy Management System).

We have a market-leading Climate Resilience team, which fully integrate into our sustainability strategy offering, as required.


Any ESG strategy must consider regulation.  Organisations need to consider everything from Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), ESOS, the EU Taxonomy, The EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance, Disclosure Regulations and old fashioned EPCs – to name but a few.

EVORA can support you to understand asset, fund and corporate compliance obligations, which can often be location specific, and develop both strategies and practical programmes to manage compliance effectively.

Social Value


Feeding in to a broader ESG strategy we recommend the production of a social value strategy. This should seek to deliver key macro scale social outcomes, for example seeking alignment with selected Sustainable Development Goals. This approach will set the overarching outcomes which fund and asset level programmes can be designed to deliver. In some instances, the strategy can also be used to set key requirements in the due diligence stage to ensure minimum social value outcomes are achieved on acquisition. Critically, having a strategy of this type demonstrates intent and planning to stakeholders.

Measurement and Reporting

Using a combination of metrics, we can support the reporting of social value outcomes, taking into consideration a range of issues such as job creation and economic growth, health and wellbeing and strength of community. We work with industry leading quantification methodologies such as the HACT Social Value Bank Calculator to provide meaningful analysis of activities undertaken. Supplementing this, is the articulation of broader, qualitative outcomes which are of benefit to society. Reporting of this kind will help to demonstrate progress as well as providing a feedback loop for the effectiveness of your social value programmes.


ESG strategy must have tenants and building occupiers at its centre.  For buildings to be truly sustainable they must be used to the satisfaction of the tenants.  Or to put it another way – a building full of happy tenants is a good indicator of a sustainable asset. EVORA does not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to tenant engagement as we recognise that not all tenants and not all buildings are the same.  We help to devise and develop tailored tenant engagement programmes at asset, portfolio and fund level.

We will also determine key risks and opportunities by carrying out in-depth stakeholder interviews and workshops.  As appropriate, we also engage with investors and shareholders to understand their strategic ESG priorities.

Health & Wellbeing

Each building and its users are unique and EVORA’s tailored approach to health and wellbeing ensures that the most appropriate strategy and framework are selected for each project.

With clear goals in place, we select the best technology to monitor, report and act on both environmental, building and end user metrics. We offer customised strategies which can also include certifications such as Fitwel and RESET.

From air quality to people’s individual feedback, we will ensure you are asking the right questions, and utilising the feedback effectively.

Using a series of engaging dashboards and metrics, EVORA is able to support our clients in engaging all users of their buildings to ensure the information provided delivers insightful and meaningful feedback about our living and working spaces.

EVORA’s uniquely broad expertise enables the seamless embedding of health and wellbeing with broader ESG strategy, processes, and reporting commitments for holistic optimisation. Our team of 11+ qualified health and wellbeing experts includes a member of the WELL Faculty, RESET Fellow and Fitwel Ambassadors and can support:

  • Asset or portfolio-level health & wellbeing strategy, aligned with commitments such as GRESB
  • Health & wellbeing certification for marketability and attracting premium tenants
  • Viral response strategy to offer tenants reassurance after COVID-19
  • Environmental quality monitoring and integration for holistic insight

EVORA is a proud sponsor of the WGBC Health & Wellbeing Framework

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We work with you to understand your non-financial communications and reporting requirements, ensuring alignment to best practice standards such as INREV and EPRA sBPR. We also have unparalleled experience in responding to investor benchmarking initiatives, such as UN PRI and GRESB.

We advise on integration of Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations into business processes, as well as reporting. For more information, please see Climate Resilience.

SIERA: our unique sustainability software

Powering our ability to deliver your ESG strategy solution is SIERA, our proprietary software. This is our key sustainability data management and building performance analytics tool. We use SIERA daily to inform our strategy development initiatives.


As ESG drivers becoming increasingly critical to the success and reputation of businesses, we are increasingly aware at EVORA that bringing everyone in a company along the journey is the key to long-lasting success.  This is why we have created our online webinar series, starting with the 101 Series at entry level and then the 202 Series which offers a deeper dive into specific issues.

We are also engaged on a number of longer-term, customised education programmes for our clients, which provide tailored training programmes across all levels of the organisation.

As the real estate market begins its journey to decarbonisation, these sessions will ensure that ESG frameworks are embedded at every level of your company.

ESG Team

Our clients trust us to provide top quality advice, founded upon a robust understanding of their business and its markets, with the vast majority of our appointments evolving into long-standing partnerships.

Joe Ellis

Associate Director

You’re in good hands.

Our ESG Strategy, Reporting and Risk Management team is led by Joe Ellis, Associate Director at EVORA Global. Joe has valuable experience developing a sustainability strategy and ESG reporting solutions for real estate clients.

  • Sustainability Reporting (e.g. EPRA, INREV, GRESB, GRI, CDP)
  • Sustainability/ESG strategy & policy (ISO 14001)
  • Risk management, Resilience planning and Social Value
  • Health and Wellbeing (Fitwel Assessors) and BREEAM assessors
  • Environmental Management Programmes
  • Carbon Footprinting
  • IEMA Auditors
  • UK & European Legislation

Introducing some of our ESG team.

Paul Sutcliffe

Executive Director

Ed Gabbitas

Executive Director

Louise Russell

Associate Director

Rachael Entwistle

Associate Director

Our Trusted Sustainability Advisor

“The advice and support of EVORA has enabled us to take a proactive stance to sustainability, which will help ensure the resilience and future performance of our managed assets.”

“In the last six years that we’ve been working with EVORA, they have become our trusted sustainability advisor. What I really like about EVORA is that they bring an alternative angle to asset management that drives value across the portfolio.”

“We are very proud to use EVORA as our exclusive sustainability consultants. Of all the similar practices out there, we’ve found EVORA to offer the most practical, forward-thinking approach to sustainability.”

“EVORA has provided expert knowledge, advice, and support on a variety of topics. We look forward to continuing our long-term collaboration with EVORA.”

“The EVORA team’s GRESB support was invaluable; they have a very clear understanding of the survey. It is a real pleasure to work with the EVORA team.”

“I have received sound advice on a subject matter of which I had limited knowledge. The value of your services is greater than the cost of them which is a rare commodity, as you’re fully aware.”

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