Welcome to SIERA, your new sustainability software management system

Europe’s leading ESG data management platform for real estate investors

Real estate owners are under increasing pressure from investors and regulators to manage, measure, and report on the ESG performance of their portfolios.

They require the digital tools to ensure compliance and to report to external bodies and regulators.

SIERA makes these compliance tasks easier, saving clients time, money and worry.

SIERA also helps those working in real estate to optimise their building efficiency, as well as helping them to identify and mitigate the financial risks associated with a sub-standard sustainability performance.

  • Trust that data is investment grade

    SIERA improves the quality of ESG data, making reporting more accurate and enabling important investment decisions to manage risks and create value.

  • Better, more informed engagement

    SIERA enables users to share data easily with a digital ESG passport and to communicate clearly how ESG risk is being managed.

  • Improved efficiency and collaboration

    Spend less time on collecting data and logging into multiple systems with one central ESG hub that automates processes to provide a single view of ESG performance and actions.

  • Anticipate the impact of regulations and external frameworks

    SIERA provides a central system for reporting to multiple frameworks along with forward-looking data intelligence to identify where to focus compliance actions.

  • Track fund performance, attribute impact and hold teams accountable

    SIERA provides the visibility and transparency to account for ESG performance and discuss any issues with asset managers.

Key Features


The Portfolio shows an overview of all assets and their overall performance.

SIERA lets users see assets as a prioritised list, perfect for comparing assets, or in a visual card view, which is better for zooming in.


The Dashboard gives an at-a-glance view of an asset. It’s designed to be a summary of everything about the asset in one place, from performance, data quality and recommendations, to actions and notifications. Users can also check the landlord and tenant data quality, ESG performance metrics and even look at actions recommended for an asset.

Fund View

Fund View allows users to track and compare sustainability data for all funds against set targets, helps assess the sustainability ranking of each fund, identifies potential issues and opportunities for improvement, and recommends actions to optimise the operational performance of each fund.

ESG Sustainability Performance Data from Siera ESG reporting software


The Performance page shows a picture of an asset’s energy and water usage, waste, and carbon emissions over time. Clearly see how the asset is doing against its targets, and where there is a variance.

Data Quality

SIERA aims to improve the quality of ESG data. It is constantly checking the data to look for gaps and performance variances to make reporting more accurate. The Data Quality page gives users a clear view of where there is incomplete data coverage and data gaps, or where estimated data should be replaced with actual data.

ESG sustainability analysis Data from Siera ESG reporting software
ESG sustainability analysis Data from Siera ESG reporting software

Action Plans

Actions aren’t just a great way of improving the performance of an asset. They’re also a great way to monitor what’s going on with an asset, and to keep track of costs and deadlines. The Action Plan page shows a consolidated list of who’s doing what, what the status is of actions currently underway and those under review.

ESG risk management summary report on past performance and improvements


The Passport is a snapshot of a building’s recent past performance and any improvements made. It gives a summary of the important ESG details relevant when buying or selling an asset.


SIERA provides a simple view of all the important things going on with your portfolio, in terms of events, actions, performance and data quality. It emails a summary of notifications each month to let users know when there’s something that needs attention, but users can pick them up in SIERA when logging in.

ESG real estate portfolio management software and notifications for events, actions, performance and data quality

SIERA’s net zero carbon target setting module helps organisations find an optimal path to reducing carbon emissions to zero

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