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Elevate your real asset investments with GRESB & EVORA Global

GRESB is your key to assessing the ESG performance of your real assets. Achieving a high GRESB score showcases your dedication to sustainability, attracts responsible investments, and boosts your market reputation. EVORA can help you improve your GRESB score, implement effective mitigation strategies, and open the door to improved capital access.

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Navigate the complexity of GRESB with EVORA

GRESB assessments are intricate and resource-intensive, particularly for diverse portfolios. Our dedicated GRESB team supports you at every stage of your GRESB journey. Whether you’re new to GRESB reporting or an experienced participant, we offer tailored services to meet your needs: 

  • Gap Analysis: For newcomers, we conduct thorough assessments to determine readiness and identify key risks and opportunities. 
  • Comprehensive Support: We manage the entire GRESB end-to-end reporting process. 
  • Customised Assistance: For seasoned participants, we provide targeted Performance Reporting, Utility Data Reporting, and Management Reporting services. 

Why choose EVORA?

As an official GRESB Global Partner, EVORA brings unparalleled expertise in managing GRESB submissions.

  •  In 2023, we managed 9% of all global submissions, equating to 186 funds — more than any other consultant worldwide.
  • We handled 20% of European submissions, with 42 funds achieving the highest 5-star rating and 46% receiving either 4 or 5 stars.
  • Our submissions represented a total of $221 billion in assets under management (AUM), with 24 funds awarded the prestigious "Peer Group Leaders" status.
  • In total, we managed submissions for 9,289 assets. 

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