Intelligent data is the foundation of every coherent strategy. At EVORA we fully understand this which is why we provide solutions to a wide range of data related challenges for managing risks and opportunities.

Performance Benchmark Reporting

Benchmarking of building performance is a valuable tool to enable you to make informed decisions on the efficiency of your portfolio. It allows you to:

  • Visually highlight which assets are under-performing and need to be prioritised
  • Identify which buildings would benefit from an optimisation or capex investment
  • Share easy to interpret analysis with tenants to drive behaviour change and facilitate conversations around sustainability.

Tracking performance on a quarterly basis:

  • Enables close monitoring of consumption patterns and performance against agreed targets
  • Highlights unusual consumption patterns to be interrogated and fed back to relevant stakeholders

Benchmarking and reporting ultimately drives efficiency improvements, lowers OpEX costs and enhances the sustainability credentials of your portfolio.

Data Acquisition

We understand the need for timely, complete and accurate data collection. This is why it has been a strategic priority for us to extend our data acquisition capability. We can work with you and your existing service providers to identify the most complete and accurate source of data. We can also support you in enhancing your data infrastructure to automate acquisition wherever possible. The integration and powerful validation capabilities of our platform SIERA as well the expertise in our teams ensure you spend less time managing and organising data and focusing on what the information is telling you about your assets and portfolios.

Data Assurance

The data you use in reporting (internal and external) has to be robust and reliable. Assurance helps to give you an extra level of confidence to know that your datasets and associated collection processes have been subject to an assurance approach aligned with a recognised standard.

EVORA utilise the AA1000 Assurance Standard 2008 (with 2018 Addendum) and AA1000 AccountAbility Principles 2018 to provide assurance services. This process goes beyond the assurance of data. The approach also encompasses an evaluation of the way that an organisation manages sustainability, with this being reflected in the assurance statements produced.

Our assurance services can be encompassed within our bespoke GRESB and reporting service offerings.

Data Intelligence

Our clients trust us to provide top quality advice, founded upon a robust understanding of their business and its markets, with the vast majority of our appointments evolving into long-standing partnerships.

Nick Hogg


You’re in good hands

The EVORA team taking care of Data Intelligence is led by Nick Hogg, Director at EVORA Global. Nick has over ten years’ experience as a real estate and sustainability consultant. He applies his expertise to enhance the functionality of SIERA, working closely with our technical team to deliver the data management and analytics software solutions that underpin EVORA’s wide range of service

  • In-house software development team
  • Benchmarking and performance optimisation
  • Data verification and analysis
  • Environmental sustainability data and data management
  • User experience and product development

Introducing some of our Data Intelligence team

Matt Matthias

Technical Director

Alex Graham

Platform Engineering Manager

Paul Sims

Agile Testing & System Support Engineer

Our Trusted Sustainability Advisor

“The advice and support of EVORA has enabled us to take a proactive stance to sustainability, which will help ensure the resilience and future performance of our managed assets.”

“In the last six years that we’ve been working with EVORA, they have become our trusted sustainability advisor. What I really like about EVORA is that they bring an alternative angle to asset management that drives value across the portfolio.”

“We are very proud to use EVORA as our exclusive sustainability consultants. Of all the similar practices out there, we’ve found EVORA to offer the most practical, forward-thinking approach to sustainability.”

“EVORA has provided expert knowledge, advice, and support on a variety of topics. We look forward to continuing our long-term collaboration with EVORA.”

“The EVORA team’s GRESB support was invaluable; they have a very clear understanding of the survey. It is a real pleasure to work with the EVORA team.”

“I have received sound advice on a subject matter of which I had limited knowledge. The value of your services is greater than the cost of them which is a rare commodity, as you’re fully aware.”

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