Beyond Bricks – Navigating Sustainability Risks in Commercial Real Estate for Maximum Value

EVORA Global Beyond Bricks

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is taking a real battering right now. The Wall Street Journal even labelled it the “latest dirty word in corporate America.” Although this characterisation is debatable, it’s clear that the commercial real asset market is increasingly cautious about where and how to invest in sustainability outcomes. During and shortly after…

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Insights from EVORA’s Value-Add Webinar

The webinar hosted by Ed Gabbitas, co-founder of EVORA, focused on how sustainability adds value to real estate investments, particularly in the value-add space. The discussion featured insights from Inger Ahaneku, Head of ESG at MARK Capital, Ryan Ray, leader of ESG Performance at TPG, and Sonny Masero, Managing Director for Global ESG at Hines.…

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Unlocking Value in Short-Term Real Estate Investments Through Sustainability

Unlocking Value in Short-Term Real Estate Investments Through Sustainability.

EVORA Global has read with interest commentary that commercial real estate strategies offering higher yields, at a higher risk, will likely move first and fastest as the real estate market seeks to deploy built up capital. This trend is being driven by investors demanding higher returns in a challenged market.  When the ‘risk-free’ rate (represented…

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Unlocking Value Through Social Impact: Insights from Fitwel Social Performance Webinar #2

Blurred photo capturing the dynamic atmosphere of a modern open-plan office with people engaged in discussion and work.

Our recent webinar, the second in our Fitwel Social Performance series, delved into the business case behind Fitwel Social Performance. This session featured insights from Joanna Frank, President and CEO of Fitwel, and Philippa Gill, Executive Director of Strategic Accounts at EVORA Global. They explored the intersection of health, economic evidence, and the optimisation of…

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PRI Reporting Window Opens for 12 Weeks from 2 May

The United Nations-supported Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI) is an international network of financial institutions working towards the common goal of ‘developing a more sustainable global financial system’. With over 5,300 signatories adopting the UN PRI’s 6 Principles of Responsible Investment, the organisation supports companies across the globe in incorporating environmental, social and governance…

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Challenges in Data Collection and Overcoming Them: Insights for the Real Asset Investment Industry

Understanding the landscape of data collection in the real asset investment sector involves addressing specific challenges that need careful solutions. This article examines three key areas: the complexity of data sources, the importance of traceability and quality, and the impact of data structure on property transactions. EVORA’s Chief Data Officer Magnus Hornef provides solutions to…

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Navigating Sustainable Financing in the US Real Estate Debt Market

EVORA Global Navigating sustainable Finance. Car driving through winding mountain road surrounded by forest.

The Emergence of Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Debt In recent years, the market for sustainability in commercial real estate debt has been on the upswing, mirroring the growing importance of sustainability in finance. This is further boosted by wider economic forces, which have expanded the appeal, and returns, of fixed-income products. Investors, lenders, and borrowers…

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EVORA Global Expands Operations in Nordics Region to Meet Growing Demand for Sustainable Real Asset Solutions

Exterior architecture. Facade of modern building in Copenhagen.

EVORA Global is thrilled to announce the launch of its operations in the Nordics region. This strategic expansion is a key component of EVORA’s broader growth strategy, driven by increasing client demand for innovative and comprehensive sustainability services in the real asset sector. In a significant move to bolster its presence in the region, EVORA…

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EVORA Global Announces Acquisition of METRY

Gothenburg harbour skyline

Transformative merger is set to redefine the landscape of real asset sustainability data to make it ‘analytics-ready’ and set new benchmarks for the industry. EVORA Global today announces its strategic acquisition of METRY, Europe’s number one platform for environmental data collection. The move will establish new standards in data excellence and technological innovation, delivering comprehensive…

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COP28 Agreements and EVORA Reflections

COP stands for Conference of the Parties and it is the world’s biggest climate meeting. The supreme decision-making body of the Convention has representation from all States that are signatories (or Parties) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). They have the duty to assess the effects of the measures introduced to…

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