Asset Performance Management

Delivering Asset Performance Management through applied Building Physics and traditional MEP consultancy.

Future-proofed investment.

If you need help optimising your building assets to make them more sustainable and efficient, our comprehensive range of services can reduce energy consumption while maintaining occupier comfort and protecting your investment.

We’ll help you increase the performance of your building or estate – from the energy strategy and early design stages to digital modelling, design and compliance, right through to traditional mechanical, electrical and public health services (MEP) consultancy.

We deliver commercial buildings that are productive, profitable and resilient to change.

EVORA EDGE are thought leaders in the field of building physics, and experienced engineers and project managers. We deliver commercial buildings that are productive, profitable and resilient to change.

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Asset Performance Management Team

You’re in good hands.

Our Asset Performance Management team is led by EVORA EDGE Directors Andrew Cooper and Neil Dady.

Andrew has over 23 years of experience as a commercial property and energy consultant and is regarded as an expert on strategic asset and energy management. His specialisms include: Building Physics, Energy Modelling, Building Services, Fund & Asset Management Strategy and Lease Advisory.

Neil is a building services engineer and energy manager with 25 years of experience. He has worked at senior management level in design, installation and service/maintenance. He specialises in delivering energy audits and energy modelling for buildings, identifying inefficiencies to maximise energy performance.

EVORA EDGE Staff Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper

Director, EVORA EDGE

Neil Dady

Director, EVORA EDGE
  • Building physics
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Building services
  • Climate change scenario analysis
  • Energy management
  • Compliance (Part L, Energy Performance Certificates, Display Energy Certificates)

Introducing some of our Asset Performance team.

EVORA EDGE Staff Tom Temp

Tom Swan

Senior Building Services Electrical Engineer
EVORA EDGE staff Alan Christie

Alan Christie

Technical Services Manager
EVORA EDGE Staff Joe Gubats

Joe Gubtas

Technical Services Manager

Liam Onions

Technical Services Manager

Sadie Hopkins

Administration Manager
EVORA EDGE staff Gaynor Williams

Gaynor Williams

Accounts Administrator

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EVORA EDGE Engineering and building physics services

Building Physics

Modelling your assets.

Building physics is a science that involves understanding how people and buildings interact to ensure an energy efficient, productive environment. It’s the basis of our asset modelling service.

Simulated scenarios.

Our advanced modelling software simulates your design and operational aspirations in a virtual environment. This simulation helps you to understand the effects of architectural, design or engineering solutions, or investment decisions before implementation.

Our specialist team creates building models for a wide range of needs including:

  • Energy strategy for planning or building regulations
  • Thermal modelling and heat load calculations
  • Climate change scenario analysis
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Life cycle assessment studies
  • BREEAM credits
  • Investment-grade energy performance certificates (EPCs) for complex valuable assets
  • Building services design, and simulated performance including the effect of buildings on occupiers

Asset management and investment support tools

Informed decision-making.

Buildings are complicated, and the more you have in your investment portfolio, the more complex are the decisions that you face. At EVORA EDGE, we have developed our own methodology for using Building Information Modelling in Strategic Asset Management. We call it BIM:SAMTM. You can use it to inform your investment decision-making and asset management strategy.

We’ll create an information-rich, dynamic, digital model of your building to help you understand the impact of future decisions. You can compare multiple options to understand your future risks, opportunities and costs. This leads to better decision-making and more focused use of resources to deliver opportunities and savings.

M&E consultancy – Traditional consultancy, expert advice.

If you need traditional Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health (MEP) consultancy combined with building services engineering to ensure a safe, comfortable and sustainable working environment, EVORA EDGE can help. Our specialist team have wide-ranging expertise in the building services sector offering consultancy in:

  • Compliance (Part L, Energy Performance Certificates, Display Energy Certificates, TM44 Air conditioning inspections, ESOS)
  • Terminal schedules of dilapidations
  • HVAC and electrical design
  • Heat networks – code of practice (CP1)
  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Validation surveys
  • Planned preventative maintenance schedules (SFG 20)
  • Planned maintenance programmes
  • Maintenance services procurement
  • Supervision and auditing of MEP contractors

We provide these services in isolation, or in a package that includes investment advice, building modelling, regulatory compliance and project implementation.

To learn more.

If you’d like a face-to-face or online demo of what we can do for you, just get in touch with our team on +44 (0)20 3326 7333 or email us at

Why should you choose EVORA EDGE?

  • Expertise

    From design analysis through to on-site project management, EVORA EDGE brings specialist knowledge that adds value to a growing range of sustainability and energy management initiatives. Our expertise in energy management informs and drives decision-making in project design and delivery, whilst enabling us to identify innovative solutions.

    Our Clients

  • Innovation

    Our revolutionary BIM:SAM™ approach makes BIM performance optimisation an affordable reality. The way in which buildings are managed is rapidly evolving and understanding energy consumption is a key requirement in every aspect of the life cycle of the property. EVORA EDGE brings an innovative approach that combines the latest technology with a large dose of practical experience.

    Lean More

  • Values

    We live by our values, meaning they are ever-present in the work we deliver for our clients. Our values are Respect, Inclusion, Collaboration, Innovation, and Excellence.

    Our Vision, Mission, and Values

  • Delivery

    A flexible approach within a broad framework of working practices is the way in which we ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. We listen, react and embrace changing circumstances throughout all stages of project delivery, and we never lose sight of our ultimate goal – a sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective project at point of handover.

    Client Successes

Discover BIM:SAM™

Leading technical engineering solutions for the built environment.

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EVORA EDGE helps to design, deliver and manage technical engineering solutions to the built environment.

Dealing with Energy, Design, Generation, and Engineering, EVORA EDGE provides practical solutions that enable clients to implement strategic goals to make real estate assets more productive, profitable and resilient to change.

EVORA EDGE not only significantly strengthens our existing technical offering, which includes the delivery of Part L of Building Regulations, EPC work and Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) compliance, but also provides us with a wealth of new services.

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