Shafique Rahman

DevOps Engineer

Shafique has over 10 years’ experience of managing systems, monitoring infrastructure and supporting applications with high availability requirements in an enterprise, mission critical environment all within a 24×7 customer focused environment. His experiences include working with Private cloud infrastructures, AWS environments and international physical data centres.

What are your main responsibilities?

Ensuring that SIERA has high levels of availability, security and scalability. Working with Technical Architect’s to manage the AWS infrastructure. Supporting in automating of deployment processes and scaling of infrastructure. Essentially, I will be helping to manage aspects around AWS hosting, code deployments, data migrations as well as working to improve SIERA infrastructure/operational processes.

What’s the best part of your job?

Learning new technology. EVORA is always looking to learn and use the latest technologies. Be it for messaging platforms to improve team collaboration or the latest AWS features for the SIERA Hosting product, EVORA will look into it and make best use out of it.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

*When* I grow up I want to be a footballer. Seems like an easy life, play a few matches, train/tweet a bit, sign some autographs, upload loads of photos of yourself on Instagram and have the summer off when there’s no Euro’s or World Cup tournaments on!


BSc Information Technology, MSc Logistics


Managing and monitoring hosted environments.